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The TOP 5 Makeup Must-Haves

My Top 5 highly recommended makeup products and why you should have them in your makeup arsenal

1. Foundation Primer with SPF: This is a major must have and thats why I have chosen it as the No. 1 must have product. Foundation Primer will help create that flawless photo finish. It not only helps fill fine lines but it will keep your makeup from sinking into your pores. With an added SPF benefit for total UVA/UVB protection.

2. Tinted Moisturizer: This product is an awesome daily go-to foundation. Its typically very lightweight and contains an SPF. Try something like a CC Cream to help conceal and correct all in one step.

3. Contouring Powder: This product will help create that chiseled look you’ve been waiting for. For assistence with how to apply contouring powder please inquire within, I would love to help.

4. Concealer: This product will help conceal any skin flaws you may have. I always go for a lighter color when choosing a concealer shade. When you apply your concealer, always allow it to warm up to your body temp before blending.

5. Lash Primer: I love using a lash primer. It’s like adding extra insurance to your lashes. This product will help insure long mascara wear and prevent lash fall out.

I hope these help you in your makeup endeavors. Please never hesitate to reach out!

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