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How To Save Your Hair In The Last Weeks Of Summer

Between the sun, sea and sand, our hair in the summer gets a pretty rough deal.

Which all means that before you even think about creating those Erin Wasson-esque beachy waves, you need to start treating your locks to hair masks and treatments to get it into tip top condition.

Here's how...


Most experts agree that a nourishing mask applied once a week at home is enough to coax hair into good condition (although very dry, thick hair will drink up a lot more).

Victoria Beckham's go-to hairstylist, Jason Collier, agrees, 'For healthy hair post-vacation, nourishment and recovery are key. Use a pre-shampoo treatment and an nourishing mask for a few weeks after your trip.' Click Here to see a few I highly recommend. Switch your usual shampoo and conditioner for seriously moisturising formulas and finish your routine with a pea sized amount of hair oil or serum through the ends. It'll work wonders on sun-parched locks.